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Diamond DA62 Ready for Demonstration Tour

Diamond DA62 Ready for Demonstration Tour

Diamond Aviation will collaborate with Air Bear Tactical Aircraft to host a Demonstration tour for Diamond’s special mission aircraft – the DA62 MPP.

The demonstration tour will start in early July and will stop at various destinations including London, Ontario, and Airborne Public Safety Association Conference (APSCON) event in Reno, NV.

The demonstration aircraft will be equipped in a common airborne law enforcement configuration.

Markus Fischer, Director, Special Mission Aircraft said “In cooperation with Air Bear and all other partners, we put a lot of effort into this demo as it is such important to show the airplane and its capabilities in the field. There is no question that we expect a big boost to the US market and generate a lot of interest and even some bookings during the demo. I am looking very much forward to receiving the first feedback from US pilots and operators to further improve our DA62 MPP capabilities.”

The first aircraft will deliver to its North American launch customers in early 2023.

Air Bear’s Director of Law Enforcement Operations, John Nielsen: “The DA62 MPP has set the bar high for the future of airborne surveillance. For the first time, airborne law enforcement has an extremely capable aircraft designed specifically for the mission. With its unprecedented economics and outstanding safety characteristics, the DA62 MPP is indeed the wave of the future for airborne law enforcement.”

According to Asian Sky Media’s China GA report 2021, Diamond Aviation is the second-largest Turboprop and Piston fixed-wing OEM in the Asia-Pacific region.


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