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Creating a Tailored Experience

Creating a Tailored Experience
Cindy Tse
Cindy Tse
Director of Cabin Services Sino Jet

Cindy Tse, Director of Cabin Services at Sino Jet, spoke with Asian Sky Group about how Sino Jet focuses on customer services to exceed its clients expectations. The company is focused on the quality of services and led by Cindy, who – through Sino Jet Academy – works with cabin crew to ensure every detailed aspect of service is considered.

What are Sino Jet’s strengths in providing service for charter customers?

At Sino Jet, we provide a one-stop solution for management clients for various aircraft types. We do this through our strong operational and maintenance knowledge from different departments, serving our client with a hassle-free experience by continuously communicating and educating our clients.

As management clients are seeking more flexible solutions, especially during this pandemic, using our economy of scale which includes a high number of management aircraft, we are able to provide solutions to clients who would like to switch to minimal operations as aircraft are grounded due to travel restrictions. Additionally, our two 24-hour headquarters in Beijing and Hong Kong are able to operate high numbers of flying hours should the client’ travel patterns picks up.

Can you tell me about Sino Jet’s onboard services?

We believe that today’s workforce will remain in organizations’ as long as they are developing skills and meeting or exceeding their own expectations of personal development. Employees’ motivation is therefore tied to education, training, coaching, mentoring and growth opportunity. At Sino Jet, we develop and nurture each employee on an individual basis, that’s why our inflight service differs from other competitors.

Trainings are greatly implemented with eastern and western elements. For example, Chinese tea art, one of the ancient Chinese arts that has certainly not been forgotten or discarded is the art of making and serving tea. Also, all corporate flight attendants are examined by WSET wine training, where they gain knowledge of wine, spirits and so on. For our inhouse trainings, we develop different creative games to coach and mentor our flight crew (e.g. Point of View). Through this we are able to understand their strengths and weaknesses to enhance the team spirit and performance.

Each year, we set new KPIs in line with our program, collect clients’ feedback, perform regular performance reviews and have regular meetings with our key stakeholders to ensure the quality and expectations are met. We take this all into consideration to ensure Sino Jet’s success onboard.

Sino Jet has always been praised for its excellent service. Have you considered to share your service style?

Yes, this is the reason why we have established Sino Jet Academy to nurture more talent in the professional service industry. Sino Jet Academy is a signature project for education under Sino Jet Management Ltd. and supports our values in the areas of Education, Innovation and Inspiration. We believe in attracting top talent and hope this translates across the industry.

  • A Training Hub to Premium In-flight Services: We believe that high quality in-flight services are critical important to private aviation. Sino Jet Academy was formed to meet the growing demand in proper etiquette and hospitality skills.
  • Our Responsibility: We have the responsibility to contribute to the industry and nurture talent. We are ambitious in promoting our values and believe in continuous learning.
  • Our value: We embrace “Sharing Knowledge to Excel and Succeed” by cultivating and promoting continuous development, therefore, we reassess our course on a regular basis to meet the demands of the clients today.
  • Mission: With the increasing demand for private jet service, we continue to attract top talent to the program, retaining its competititve edge in the recruitment and hospitality industries.
  • Training Talent Worldwide: The Corporate Jet Crew Program is a very unique course which teaches students about different aspects including luxury food handling, foodplating, aircraft safety, service excellence, the duties and responsibilities of a Corporate Flight Attendant, etiquette, protocol and more.

How long has Sino Jet academy been around?

The Sino Jet Academy was launched in June 2019 and we now hold regular monthly classes. Since then, we’ve had lots of enquires from international and local clientele. It is now welcomed by many in the aviation community.

  • Background of Program Participants: 80% of participants come from either commercial or private operators. The main reason they join the program is to gain a better understanding of business aviation, while others join to for their own personal development. The other 20% of participants are from other different backgrounds who hope to pursue careers in either the business aviation or hospitality industries or who just seek professional advice in delivering premium hospitality services.
  • Benefits to the Community: The community, particularly within business aviation, will see immediate benefits especially since there are not too many training programs in the corporate aviation world.
  • Job Opportunities: Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of completion and are granted an initial job interview. The course also provides tailored advice on job interview skills, personal portfolio preparation, professional styling advice and a review on their current resumes. This makes going for an interview much easier and at the same time gives them a better opportunity in any career they wish to pursue.
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