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Cirrus Rolls Out 2022 SR Series

Cirrus Rolls Out 2022 SR Series

January 11th saw Cirrus Aircraft reveal its 2022 G6 SR Series. Designed to reduce drag for increased fuel efficiency, the aircraft also features new cabin options and aerodynamic changes.

The sixth-generation G6 SR Series is faster than previous models and can fly up to 9 knots faster. This is due to its “sleeker wing and tail surfaces and redesigned wheel pants,” according to a press release.

In addition to its speed, the aircraft’s luggage door can be controlled and unlocked using a remote, making luggage compartment access easier. Furthermore, Cirrus has also introduced eight new exterior paint colors, as well as new premium leather interior options.

Over 8,000 aircraft of the Cirrus SR series – including the SR20, SR22, SR22T, and Trac models – have been delivered, with the G6 series of the five-seat SR series launched in 2017.

According to Asian Sky Media’s 2021 China General Aviation Report, Cirrus has a market share of 6%, with the SR20 being its most popular piston model.

“The new G6 SR Series is a testament to our devotion to constantly enhance both comfort and safety features across our product lines,” Zean Nielsen, CEO of Cirrus Aircraft, states. “In 2022, we are poised to continue as the market leader in personal aviation and streamline the flying experience with the G6 SR Series aircraft.”


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