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Australian CASA Reforms Regulatory on Boosting GA

Australian CASA Reforms Regulatory on Boosting GA

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia has developed a General Aviation Workplan with the aim of lessening the regulatory restrictions on general aviation (GA).

The workplan was proposed in 2021 and focuses on the challenges faced in regional and remote Australia as well as the recreational and sport sector.

“The GA Workplan draws together CASA regulatory initiatives stretching into next year to give everyone a clear picture of what we’re working on,” said CASA CEO and Director of Aviation Safety Pip Spence.

“CASA recognizes safety regulations need to be compatible with the role of general aviation in the broader aviation industry, particularly in regional and remote Australia, and we are giving this plan a high priority,” said Spence.

The authority is working on consulting on regulations that favor increasing GA activities in Australia.

In addition, the workplan aims to work on improving the pilot licensing rules, streamlining the airworthiness and maintenance arrangements, simplifying pilots’ medicals, facilitating greater operational opportunities for sports and recreational activities, and finalizing some outstanding standards for certain flight operations.