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Archer to Build At Least 250 Aircraft in 2025

Archer to Build At Least 250 Aircraft in 2025

Archer Aviation says it plans on manufacturing 250 eVTOLs by 2025 and increasing production over subsequent years.

The aim, which will see the aerospace company make 500 aircraft in 2026, then 650 in 2027, followed by 2,000 eVTOLs per year after, was announced by Archer Aviation’s Chief Executive Adam Goldstein, who told Reuters that the company hopes to ramp up production once its aircraft are certified by the FAA by end-2024.

Archer’s four-passenger eVTOL, dubbed “Midnight”, will be competing with other listed eVTOL developers such as Joby Aviation, Lilium, and Vertical Aerospace – all of which are working towards certification in 2024 and hope to capture a slice of the urban transportation market – once it reaches the market.

The budding eVTOL aircraft industry is still facing challenges relating to certification, developing a viable air traffic management system and general concerns over safety issues.