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Verijet Makes Further Inroads into Caribbean Market

Verijet Makes Further Inroads into Caribbean Market

Verijet is expanding its operations across the Caribbean, less than a year after it established its presence in the Bahamas in 2022.

The private jet company added a list of destinations to its network, which includes Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, the Cayman Islands, and Providenciales as part of its expansion plan into the Caribbean market.

Looking to expand its AI-powered booking platform service, Richard Kane, Chairman and CEO, Verijet said that the company’s repeat customers remain steady at 52% since it launched services in 2020. “We expect to see the same in the Caribbean market,” Kane added.

Verijet announced a partnership with 4AIR, a sustainability rating program, in early 2022 to offset carbon emissions from its aircraft operations. To reduce carbon emissions, the company’s SF50 Vision Jets are powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

“Efficient and sustainable travel has been a foundational goal for Verijet. With our long partnership with 4AIR, we have further reduced the carbon footprint of air travel by purchasing carbon offset credits,” said Kane.

The expansion was also good news for those looking to explore the Caribbean, Central American, and South American regions as the company’s SF50 Vision Jets can give travelers easy access to smaller more local airports.

The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is a single-engine very light jet designed and produced by Cirrus Aircraft. 

Verijet operates a small fleet of SF50s, having taken delivery of three SF50 G2+’s earlier in 2023.

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