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Smartsky Offers Weather Forecast Solution for FBOs

Smartsky Offers Weather Forecast Solution for FBOs

Smartsky has partnered with AvMet, Meandair and Flash AI to launch WX+, an app that can provide Fixed Base Operators (FBO) with accurate and timely weather information.

The platform can accurately predict lightning and warn airports and pilots about severe airborne weather and ground conditions.

“By connecting the algorithmic nowcasting and AI capabilities of predictive weather providers with a capability for monitoring and measuring aviation operations, we are increasing situational awareness and efficiency for FBOs and operators,” said Brit Wanick, VP of Marketing and Partnerships, SmartSky. “Together with our partners, we are enabling the development of innovative applications, like WX+, that deliver better outcomes for the entire connected business aviation industry.”

The web-based interface by Smartsky was unveiled at NBAA-BACE 2022 in Orlando, Florida.