Culture Change: HFW on the Evolution of PRC Law and Legal Work Under Covid-19 (Part 2)

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In Part 2 of this discussion, Max Buirski sits down with HFW Aerospace partners Gordon Gardiner and Justin Sun to discuss the Chinese economy, changes in Chinese business jet utilization, how law firms have adapted to COVID-19, cybersecurity, when travel will get back to normal and how the Chinese legal system is evolving, free trade zones, the acceptance of PRC law and what bailout means for the aviation industry.

Main Content


Chinese business jet utilization increase because of Covid-19


Is the Chinese economy ‘back to business’ as normal


What’s happening with business jet transactions


Getting clients to pay for good advice


How has life at a law firm been impacted by Covid-19


Cybersecurity as more work moves online


When cross border travel will begin to return to normal


How the mainland Chinese legal system is evolving


Free trade zones for leasing and the acceptance of PRC law


Parting thoughts on aviation bailouts

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