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Sheltair Offers Fuel Discounts For Animal Rescue Missions

Sheltair Offers Fuel Discounts For Animal Rescue Missions

Sheltair, an FBO service provider in the US, partnered with nonprofit organization Pilots N Paws in providing fuel discounts for volunteers carrying out animal rescues.

Registered volunteer pilots will be provided a digital card to receive fuel discounts when flying rescue missions.

By launching the Pilots N Paws website, Pilots N Paws has saved the lives of more than 200,000 rescue animals by facilitating free transport for volunteers sheltering or adopting animals, and volunteer pilots willing to assist with animal transportation.

The organization has 6,000 aviation-related volunteers and 12,000 rescue volunteers.

Sheltair announced the Pilots N Paws volunteer discount program on Aug. 26 in celebration of International Dog Day.

“As a family-owned company, we recognize the significance of pets as beloved members of our homes,” said Lisa Holland, President of Sheltair, saying that the company looks forward to contributing animal-saving efforts in the communities and across the country.

“Pilots N Paws appreciates the Sheltair family’s recognition and dedication to helping animals in need,” said Debi Boies, Founder and President of Pilots N Paws. “Working together as partners, we will continue to make a difference by assisting volunteer pilots in their life-saving flights.”

Sheltair, the US’s largest privately-owned aviation network, operates 14 FBOs and a portfolio of over 4.0 million square feet of aviation-related properties across the country.


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