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Jet Aviation Partners With SkyNRG for Book and Claim Service

Jet Aviation Partners With SkyNRG for Book and Claim Service

As awareness of sustainable flying has been raised among business aviation owners and operators, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) providers have been striking to make SAF more approachable for current and potential customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Jet Aviation recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with SkyNRG, a global leader in SAF and related solutions, to offer SAF to its customers universally through a Book and Claim service with immediate effect.

Book and Claim enables business aviation owners and operators for whom SAF is not physically available to access SAF to reduce their carbon footprint. SkyNRG supplies the SAF at an airport nearby the production location where it is sold as conventional jet fuel; the collaboration will help broaden access for SAF by providing more choices to aviation customers.

The volume of SAF is tracked and verified, and the corresponding carbon emissions factors are then calculated and allocated to the end customer. This ensures environmental benefits are properly accounted for, including the avoidance of unnecessary transportation costs to reach the highest level of sustainability during flying.

“As a global company with global customers, we are committed to contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and are pleased to partner with SkyNRG to make SAF more widely accessible,” said David Paddock, Jet Aviation president. He also claimed global access to SAF through Book and Claim will bring one big step further in ensuring everyone can choose to be part of the climate solution anytime, anywhere.

SkyNRG aims to make SAF the new global standard. The company believes by decoupling the physical flow from the carbon reduction benefits, it optimizes supply chains, minimizes costs, and maximizes environmental benefits through a controlled and verifiable process.

According to Asian Sky Media’s 2020 Business Jet Fleet Report, Jet Aviation had a total of 38 business jets in its Asia-Pacific fleet at the end of 2020, making it the fifth-biggest operator in the region.