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French Transport Minister Calls for Restrictions on Private Jet Flights

French Transport Minister Calls for Restrictions on Private Jet Flights

Private jets around France might face new flight restrictions, following the introduction of a new energy plan by French President Emmanuel Macron.

As part of the plan, French Transport Minister Clément Beaune said that France will no longer tolerate people using private jets for comfort.

Some Green and left-wing politicians are now calling for an outright ban on private jets for business leaders and the wealthy, and are hoping to introduce a draft law in the fall.

France is one of the world’s busiest “luxury” aviation bases, with 10% of flights from France in 2019 flown by private jets.

So far in 2022 France has experienced extreme drought, forest fires, as well as high gasoline and diesel prices, which has led the French government to call on the public to save energy and prepare legislation to accelerate investment in renewable energy.

Considering the role of private jets in the economy, the French government has said it does not intend to ban them completely, but may impose heavy taxes or restrict their use. France is known to have passed a measure banning the operation of aircraft routes between French cities accessible by train in two and a half hours.

The French Air Force fleet includes a number of private jets that are used for VIP flights. These include several examples of the homegrown Dassault Falcon 8X, which Macron himself has been pictured on several times.