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Aircraft Spotlight: Gulfstream G650ER

Aircraft Spotlight: Gulfstream G650ER

The Gulfstream G650ER has given customers in Asia-Pacific a competitive edge since its certification. With the longest range at the fastest speeds, award-winning cabin design and proven reliability, more than 400 G650 and G650ER aircraft are in service around the world. Gulfstream did not stop there, however. Thanks to continuing investments to further increase the value, performance and productivity of the G650ER, the company has made additional advances, both on the aircraft and in Gulfstream’s Customer Support facility in Beijing.

Safety Upgrades

In the flight deck, Gulfstream leads the business-aviation industry with safety upgrades that will greatly benefit both pilots and passengers, especially in rough weather. Gulfstream’s Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) is now approved for touchdown and rollout for the G650ER and all other Gulfstream in-service aircraft. The combination of a cooled forward-looking infrared cam[1]era, also called an enhanced vision system (EVS), and Head-Up Display (HUD), which work in tandem, composes an EFVS.

Operators that qualify and have the equipment, can land by using the EFVS imagery on the HUD without needing natural vision to see the runway. EFVS enhances safety by allowing pilots to land at airports in limited visibility because of haze, smog, smoke, fog or darkness, helping to minimize delays and rerouting. EFVS also provides great efficiency for operators, as it can decrease excess flying time and fuel burn.

Gulfstream Cabin Experience

Passengers in the cabin and the pilots in the flight deck all benefit from the Gulfstream Cabin Experience, which is enhanced on the G650 and G650ER and featured on all Gulfstream large-cabin aircraft. The Gulfstream Cabin Experience fosters the health and wellness of all on board through a number of innovations developed by Gulfstream that includes 100% fresh, never recirculated air infusing the cabin every two to three minutes, the industry’s lowest cabin altitude and whisper-quiet noise levels. This wellness-inducing atmosphere is complemented by 16 panoramic windows – the largest in the industry – that flood the cabin with natural light.

Plasma Ionization System

Gulfstream took its investment in operators’ wellness a step further in 2020 by equipping the G650 and G650ER with a new plasma ionization system – provided at no extra charge. The air purification system, which complements Gulfstream’s already 100%-fresh-air environment, has been proven in lab tests to kill pathogens and allergens. Gulfstream’s plasma ionization system, which operates whenever the aircraft environmental control system is active, works by emitting positive and negative oxygen ions that actively seek out and deactivate harmful molecules in the air and on surfaces. This process neutralizes particulate matter — not just bacteria and viruses, but also unpleasant odors from organic materials like cigarette smoke. Even when running solely on an auxiliary power unit, the system produces thousands of ions throughout the entire aircraft, ensuring that cabin air remains pure and surfaces are disinfected while aircraft are prepared for flight by caterers, cleaning crews and FBO technicians alike.

Worldwide Accessibility

Gulfstream has also enhanced worldwide accessibility for G650ER operators by earning steep approach certification. Steep approach certification opens the G650ER up to challenging airports around the world, like London City, with its short runway and strict noise-abatement requirements. The certification also gives the G650ER access to many small airports in mountainous regions. Combined with its long range and high speeds, the G650ER’s steep approach certification creates even more opportunities for operators.

Beijing Service Center

To ensure continued support of Gulfstream operators in the region, Gulfstream has made investments in its Beijing facility to offer even more services for customers. Last December, Gulfstream’s Beijing service center completed its first 4C inspection – one of the more extensive maintenance checks – for a G650. In addition to the in-depth inspection of the fuel tank, landing gear modification and full-scope servicing, the inspection included the modification and operations check of critical systems. More than 30 highly skilled technicians, engineers, planners and support staff in Beijing were closely involved in the inspection, with strong support from Gulfstream Customer Support based at Gulfstream’s headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

The G650 can fly up to 7,000 nautical miles/12,964 kilometers at Mach 0.85 and 6,000 nm/11,112 km when flying faster at a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90. The G650ER can fly up to 7,500 nm/13,890 km at the same long-range cruise speed and 6,400 nm/11,853 km at Mach 0.90. Both aircraft are capable of a near-supersonic maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925 and have a maximum cruise altitude of 51,000 feet/ 15,545 meters.

The award-winning G650 and G650ER cabin can accommodate up to four living areas and up to 19 passengers with berthing for up to ten.