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WINGX Says Overall Flight Activity Up, but Europe Down

WINGX Says Overall Flight Activity Up, but Europe Down

Flight activity around the world has picked up again while the industry in Europe is ailing, according to the latest WINGX report.

In Europe, business jet activity is down 7% compared to September 2021, although still 20% above three years ago.

Across Europe, the UK saw the largest drop-in activity in the most recent week, where flights were down 10%. Germany and France also saw double-digit declines compared to the same September period in 2021.

Europe’s top three busiest airports so far this month have seen a decline in activity compared to last year – Paris Le Bourget was down 10%, Nice down 19% and Geneva down 17%.

In the United States, bizjet activity started September 4% above last year, 22% above three years ago.

Private flight departments have the busiest fleets, departures are up 15% compared to last year, 38% above three years ago.

By airport, Teterboro is seeing a relatively belated recovery from the pandemic period. Departures are 50% above last September, although still 5% below three years ago.

For the rest of the world, business jet activity continues to trend upwards, with Sao Paulo remaining the busiest airport followed by Australia. China and Morocco continue to see the largest slowdowns this month.