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VPorts to Create AAM Flight Route Between New York and Quebec

VPorts to Create AAM Flight Route Between New York and Quebec

Quebec-based advanced air mobility (AAM) infrastructure company VPorts has announced that it will establish the first international air “corridor” between Quebec and New York for eVTOLs to operate. The route will allow passengers to fly between Syracuse Hancock International Airport in New York and VPorts’ vertiport in Mirabel, Quebec.

A group of international organizations including VPorts, NUAIR, Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Aéro Montréal, Innovitech, the Unmanned Aerial System Centre of Excellence (Alma), and Helijet International, have signed a memorandum of understanding to create international AAM flight routes between Quebec and the United States, VPorts announced in a November 29 press release.

The aim of the corridors is to build an AAM ecosystem that will provide a platform for full commercial cargo transport operations using eVTOLs, notes Dr. Fethi Chebil, President and Founder of VPorts. “They will allow the consortium’s members to explore all aspects of AAM, including goods transportation, charging readiness, stakeholder management, business cases, security and safety protocols, social acceptability and urban integration of infrastructure and operations,” Chebil says. “Many companies and organizations rapidly investing in these related new capabilities are present in Central New York State today with good prospects of growth, and others are likely to be attracted to the region.”

The air corridors also aim to make use of underutilized airports, according to Ken Stewart, Chief Executive Officer of NUAIR. “The development of this international AAM corridor between Syracuse, NY and Montreal will help lay the foundation for regional air mobility (RAM) operations for those underutilized airports, assisting with cargo deliveries and strengthening United States supply chains.”