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Volocopter Partners with Microsoft on VololQ Development

Volocopter Partners with Microsoft on VololQ Development

Volocopter is working together with Microsoft to develop its digital platform, the VololQ, in Microsoft Azure.

The VololQ is a digital system that assists with urban air mobility (UAM) operations, including flight planning, booking and scheduling, as well as flight monitoring.

Volocopter chose to power the software through Azure, as it is secure and robust.

“Having Microsoft on board as a project partner and investor is proof that the solutions Volocopter creates – like the VololQ – are pioneering and hold remarkable market potential. We’re proud that Microsoft Azure is the one to provide a secure cloud and thus to ensure safety remains at the forefront of our operations,” states Alexander Oelling, Chief Digital Officer of Volocopter.

Volocopter believes that by using VololQ, its services will become more user-friendly and accessible for stakeholders.

Volocopter recently flew its first crewed flight test in Pontoise airfield, France.