Asian Sky Group

Management & Sales Team

Zhendong Wu

Zhendong Wu has 35+ years of experience in general aviation, working alongside clients in Hong Kong, mainland China and the US, through advisory and consulting services – imparting his knowledge and experience to those interested in general and business aviation. He is the Founder and Chairman of Avion Pacific, one of China’s leading general aviation service providers, which represents Sikorsky Helicopters and Cessna-Beechcraft. Additionally, Mr. Wu is the owner of AOC company, Kings Aviation, which supports and manages China-based aircraft and various ab-initio and advanced special training services for pilots.

He currently serves as Chairman to Asian Sky Group.

Jeffrey C. Lowe

With almost 40 years of experience in commercial and business aviation, Jeffrey C. Lowe has focused his career on engineering, marketing and sales. Having resided in Hong Kong for 25 years, Jeffrey specializes in the Greater China and Asia-Pacific business aviation markets. He first came to Hong Kong in 1997 as a Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific for the Bombardier Aerospace Business Aircraft division. He was then appointed Regional Vice President of Sales for Asia by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in May 2000. In 2007, Lowe joined the recently-formed BAA Jet Management Limited and was responsible for establishing and expanding its managed aircraft business, as well as aircraft sales, marketing and project development. He then moved to Asian Sky Group Ltd. (ASG) in 2012, initially as its GM, then MD and then in 2020 assumed the title of CEO for both ASG and its wholly owned subsidiary Asian Sky Media Ltd.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Jeffrey worked in commercial aviation for the de Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada, Boeing Canada, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the Canadair Regional Jet Division and Bombardier’s Regional Aircraft Division. He began his career as a Ground Test Engineer and then moved into marketing and sales internationally in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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Nadav Kessler
Managing Director - Asian Sky Group

Nadav is Managing Director and is in charge of leading, managing and directing the company’s aircraft sales, consultancy and business development activities.

Nadav joined Asian Sky Group in 2012 shortly after the company’s foundation and has since taken forefront positions with developing and growing the company’s aircraft sales and consultancy divisions. He is responsible for aviation transactions as well as business aviation advisory and consultancy projects for a vast range of business jet and rotary operations, including corporations, financial institutions, private owners, and government entities throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering & Business Management (BSc) and has lived in Asia since 2010.

Tan Rahman
Managing Director - Global Sky Media

Tan joined Global Sky Media in February 2022 as Managing Director. During his 20-plus years career, he had focused on digital business and marketing. He has a diverse background having worked in large multinational companies, international marketing agencies and startups, in regional and international leadership roles. Prior to joining the Asian Sky Media team, he worked as Chief Marketing Officer in Xcalibyte, a B2B tech start-up in China, and before that as Global Head of Digital & Media with Huawei Technologies.

Tan combines exceptional strategic thinking with the knowledge and application of new technologies and digital communication methods to deliver effective business results. He is a skilled business leader, having managed large teams in diverse locations. He has proven success in driving organisational growth, defining and implementing strategy, as well as proven ability to drive business development for companies of different sizes. Originally from the UK, Tan has worked and lived in Hong Kong and Mainland China for most of his career and sees Hong Kong as his home. 

Carrie Yu
Sales Director

Carrie has more than nine years of experience in business aviation services. She began her aviation career in 2013 as a Sales Manager with Hawker Pacific in Shanghai, supporting the company’s FBO and MRO services’ expansion and handling private and corporate clients in the fast-growing Chinese business aviation market. In 2015, Carrie joined Asian Sky Group’s Aircraft Sales team and has since successfully completed multiple aircraft sales and acquisition transactions for some of the most renowned corporations in the region. Carrie maintains a wide industry network along with a close personal relationship with her clients. Extremely dedicated, committed to high service standards and passionate about business aviation, she now manages Asian Sky Group’s aircraft sales in Mainland China and Taiwan, supporting the company’s new and long-term clients.

Dennis lau
Consultancy Services Director

Dennis has more than 15 years of experience working in both business and commercial aviation, and has a skillset honed in the UK as well as in Hong Kong. He joins Asian Sky Group from Ascend by Cirium, where he was a Senior Aviation Analyst, where as well as leading the helicopter values research team, he also managed and delivered advisory projects for a wide range of clients including OEMs, leasing companies, airports and operators. He also delivered desktop valuations and appraisals of commercial aircraft, business jets and helicopters.

Dennis will lead the consultancy services department of Asian Sky Group, which is renowned across Asia-Pacific and around the world for delivering world class market research and feasibility studies, business studies and implementation plans, as well as operation advisory and oversight services. Additionally, Dennis will also help support Asian Sky Group’s aircraft transactions and sales support departments.

Dennis Lau

Matthieu Guisolphe
Sales Director

Matthieu’s aviation career began in 2014, working for Airbus Helicopters. During this time, Matthieu was involved in multiple aspects of Airbus Helicopters’ product line and provided training to the sales team on various fields ranging from product description to maintenance and compliance. Over the past three years, based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Matthieu has been supporting helicopter operators in South East Asia on matters related to maintenance, repair and retrofit and ensuring clients have all necessary tools and know-how for their operations. Matthieu is fluent in French, English and Spanish and holds a Master’s Degree in Management. He will continue to support the South East Asia rotary market for Asian Sky Group, while based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Daniel Tsang
Charter Services Manager

Daniel started his aviation career with Dragon Air as a Flight Attendant, where he worked for nearly four years. He then moved on to work commercial flight company Finnair as a Purser and Chief of Cabin.

After three and a half years with the company, Daniel moved into business aviation joining a local Hong Kong brokerage company as a Business Development Manager and Client Relationship Manager where he was responsible for charter sales as well as luxury cruises/private tour sales.

Daniel now handles Asian Sky Group’s Charter Services Department where he supports charter brokerage, marketing, aircraft representation and supplemental lift.


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