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Skyway Acquires AAiM High Consulting

Skyway Acquires AAiM High Consulting

Air traffic navigation service provider Skyway Technologies Corp. has acquired AAiM High Consulting in a bid to enter the vertiport market.

Skyway hopes its acquisition of AAiM High Consulting will help to expand its operational services of vertiports. The purchase will also add another source of revenue for Skyway, which will have access to AAiM High Consulting’s clientele because of the acquisition.

AAiM High’s core business includes providing consulting services related to the research, planning and development of vertiports. The company is currently working on a vertiport called VertiPark, which will allow eVTOLs to receive maintenance, charge, and park.

“It’s important for vertiport projects to understand and demonstrate the intricacies and complexities of a vertical airfield designed for high traffic use. Providing the best service when it comes to vertiport planning efforts will not only boost consumer experience ratings but will also boost industry confidence,” said Clifford Cruz, Chief Executive Officer of Skyway.