The First 100 Days: Bermuda Aircraft Registry & Dealing with the Pandemic

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Thomas Dunstan, Director General, and Jason Zhang, Operations Manager & Designated Airworthiness Inspector from the Bermuda Aircraft Registry, join ASG’s Jeffrey Lowe to speak about the Bermuda Aircraft Registry and how its handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas starts off with the history of the registry and how it became an Authority, discusses how the registry stays competitive, including a recent fee reduction for private jet owners, and sheds lights on the latest changes the registry has made to adapt under the COVID-19 pandemic. Jason then speaks on the services he offers, based in Shanghai, communicating with clients and offering remote documentation and inspection work. They both reflect on the ‘silver linings’ of this pandemic, express optimism for the Asia market and express the registry’s resiliency and dedication to its clients.


The Bermuda Aircraft Registry is owned and managed by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA). BCAA is responsible for the regulation and safety oversight of aviation in Bermuda, and all aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry. With over 850 registered aircraft, the Bermuda Aircraft Registry is the largest offshore Aircraft Registry in the world. BCAA offices and Inspectors are strategically located around the world to offer the highest standards in service and customer support. BCAA maintains a world-class reputation by ensuring their clients are at the centre of everything they do.

Main Content


The history of BCAA, its reiterations and becoming an ‘Authority’


Over 880 aircraft on the registry and 36 full-time staff today


Why Bermuda: Aviation growing after World War 1 and Bermuda’s strategic location


What exactly does BCAA do and why does it matter? Airport certification, ATC licensing, foreign permits, managing drone operations, and AOC Issuance to name a few


The bulk of the business – registry! Oldest, largest offshore registry


The set up: In Bermuda, UK, Moscow, and Shanghai, along with designated inspectors spread globally


Remaining competitive and staying one step ahead, including a reduction of fees for private aircraft, streamlining the approval process and staying user-friendly


Changes to the commercial side, storage registry and parking


Implementing changes during COVID-19: reducing fees, introduction of exemptions and deviations; along with desktop audits, virtual inspections and electronic signatures


Looking back at 2019, what was normal back then?


Turning to the Asia-Pacific region and BCAA’s eventual world domination


Bringing Jason Zhang on board in Shanghai and launching a Chinese website catering to this side of the world


Jason speaks on the services he provides out of Shanghai, as a Designated Airworthiness Inspector


COVID-19 hits China in January and Bermuda in March


Impact, obligation, and responsibilities of a registry during a pandemic


Settling into the ‘new routine’ of the pandemic and coping better


Lower flight hours and advising on maintenance & airworthiness upkeep – case by case


Pilot licensing, validation, and keeping them current


Working from home: Documentation conducted remotely and communication with clients becomes more important


Silver linings: Thomas reflects on the pandemic and realizes the opportunities & advancement, which for BCAA is enhancing its technology capability, and no looking back


Resiliency and accelerating improvements, forcing you forward


Jason expresses his optimism for the market and acknowledges the new challenges and adapting to this new reality


The significance of business aviation to the world and to commerce and its expected recovery…it will be different


Jason looks back to 10 years ago when there were about 100 business jets in China and he expects more to come from the market


BCAA continues to focus on its clients, adapt and ‘pivot’ as needed particularly to cater those in the Asia-Pacific region

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