Civil Helicopter Fleet Report YE 2023

Civil Helicopter Fleet Report YE 2023

  • The Asia-Pacific helicopter fleet stood at 4,130 units at the end of 2023, showing a yearly growth rate of 0.1%, with a net increase of four helicopters.
  • Australia was the leading market in the Asia-Pacific, followed by mainland China, Japan, New Zealand, and India.
  • Airbus, Bell, and Leonardo remained the top three OEMs in the region, with 41%, 29%, and 11% market shares, respectively.
  • Of the top five OEMs only Bell and Sikorsky saw a net increase in their Asia-Pacific fleets in 2023.
  • The single-engine helicopter remained the most popular size category in Asia-Pacific in 2023, making up more than 50% of the total fleet.
  • More than half of the helicopters based in the region were utilized for multi-mission purposes.

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