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Lilium Achieves Landmark Main Wing Transition

Lilium Achieves Landmark Main Wing Transition

In a landmark announcement, Lilium has accomplished main wing transition on its Phoenix 2 demonstrator aircraft.

This is the first time a full-size electric aircraft can shift from hover to wing-borne flight.

“Main wing transition is a huge step forward on our path to launch and it validates our Flight Dynamics Model. Full credit goes to the outstanding Lilium team who worked so hard to get us here, and who remain laser-focused on the rest of the Flight Test Campaign,” says Matthias Meiner, Phoenix Chief Engineer and Lilium Co-Founder.

Lilium plans to continue its flight tests throughout the summer of 2022. It will include the transition of the forward canards and high-speed flights.

Lilium recently worked together with Aernnova

on its aircraft propulsion mounting system.