Flying with Ascent

Ascent is a global air mobility platform aiming to mass-market air mobility as a convenient, reliable, and sustainable mode of transport, across cities and regions towards a decarbonized world. Ascent’s online platform enables instant bookings, either by the seat or private flights, and remains affordable thanks to ride-sharing, exclusive partnerships, and more. When it comes to price, today’s prices start from US $150 a seat. However, the target price per seat when using an all-electric aircraft will be much lower, around US $50. As of now, Ascent is based in Singapore but is expanding progressively across Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, and Thailand, as they have major cities that are crippled with high traffic congestion and connectivity issues. Recently, Ascent also launched services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and is expected to open two new markets soon. Ascent’s fresh entry in Chile is the foundation stone of Ascent’s ambition in Latin America, the second world region with highest air mobility needs.

Thanks to its all-in-one multi-sided technology, Ascent runs services such as air taxis, airport transfers, and medical services. The air taxis comprise of both private and ride-share flights, where customers can book crowd-free and time-efficient rides between any location of their choice. Ascent also has complimentary shuttles to or from airport terminals to dedicated lounges where customers can relax and meet before and after flying, making airport transfers a completely hassle free and queue-less experience.

For customers that require something more integrated, Ascent also features a dedicated, tailored air travel bubble solution, which includes flights by both helicopter and airplane. Thanks to the bubbles, customers can regain control of their time (saving up to five hours) as they avoid car rides within congested areas, boat rides to access remote locations, long airport lines and multiple checks-in. Ascent is now teaming with airlines to complement its integrated journeys.

There, customers can experience peace of mind traveling to popular tourist spots which will take a maximum of 1.5 hours, instead of the usual 3-5 hours it can take in a congested city.

Furthermore, Ascent has partnered with nationwide leaders in providing healthcare, such as The Medical City, to provide planned pre-hospital and inter-facility movements of patients, passengers, critical personnel, organs, and medical equipment. This allows for medical transport to happen by air in a shorter period, which is crucial for emergencies and rescue operations.

Per Ascent’s pledge under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) all flights are climate and carbon-neutral. Ascent further supports the development of more environmentally sustainable electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, as well as takes part in making air mobility more sustainable through ride-sharing and carbon offsetting. Today, Ascent collaborates with seven different OEMs on the entry into service of eVTOLS and electric short take-off and landing (eSTOL) aircraft, with two further collaborations still being explored.

At the moment, even if flights are on the rise for commuting and lifestyles, the challenges faced by Ascent include the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted travel due to mandatory testing, travel restrictions, and quarantines, as well as the limited number of people ridesharing flights. Intra-city flights for eVTOLs further require regulations for single-engine aircraft, especially with regards to safety, as the aircraft may need to avoid high-rise buildings and birds flying. Regulations for single-engine aircraft in cities are also important to facilitate accessibility for intra-city travel, especially if the area is highly congested or difficult to get to by road.

Another challenge remains the lack of education regarding emerging technologies in the aviation industry, especially with UAM. Although those in the industry are familiar with the concepts involved, the general public will need to be educated about the uses and, most importantly, the safety aspects of UAM. This education will be critical for the success of UAM, as without it, it is likely that the public will fail to adopt it en masse. With this in mind, Ascent has recently launched experiences to contribute in educating the market towards integrating eVTOLs.

Regarding the future, Ascent plans on growing its footprint, especially with its network of routes and partners. More specifically, the Ascent team is working on opening one new market within the next few months. Aside from this, other goals include advancing Ascent’s model and other related technology in order to move towards the objective of mass-market air mobility, as well as further develop operational efficiency and a seamless customer experience. Ascent also has ambitions in accelerating the entry of all-electric aircraft in collaboration with stakeholders (such as governments, OEMs, air operator partners, vertiport owners, etc), to ensure a smooth and flexible transition of an advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystem.

About Ascent

Ascent powers Air Mobility in Asia. Leveraging its technology and know-how in large-scale aircraft operations, Ascent democratizes air taxi, cargo, and medical services across urban and regional areas. Ascent has become a convenient, reliable and sustainable mode of mobility addressing congestion, connectivity and safety challenges.

In addition to making your full urban mobility journey more seamless and convenient, Ascent are working tirelessly to scale urban air mobility with manufacturers, real estate developers, hospitality providers and regulators in order to deliver a hassle-free and more cost-efficient mobility experience.

Ascent are dedicated and committed to doing our part, with technology and top-in-class partners at the heart of our approach. From connecting flights instantaneously to curation of and rigorous audits on our air operating partners, Ascent helps to create a world where urban air mobility is safe, secure and easy.