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EVTOLs get Push from New FAA Rules

EVTOLs get Push from New FAA Rules

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published new rules to add eVTOLs to a list of regulated aircraft.

The update, which was announced on November 22, saw the FAA issue a proposal to update its definition of air carriers to add powered-lift operations to regulations covering commercial operations such as airlines, charters and air tours.

The new rules, which face a period of public comment before they can go in effect, come as companies have increased investments in eVTOLs, which have been touted as the transport of the future. The changes signal a step forward for eVTOL companies to begin commercial operations, and come amid mounting pressure on the FAA to clarify the rules for eVTOLs.

“This powered-lift definitions rule lays the foundation that will allow operators to use powered-lift aircraft,” the FAA told Reuters. “This is important because our regulations have to cover powered-lift aircraft for them to be able to operate, including commercially.”

Separately, the FAA is developing an operations rule for certifying pilots and operating requirements to fly powered-lift vehicles such as eVTOLs, and hopes to publish the proposal in mid-2023.