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Eve Partners with Bluenest to Supply Vertiport Software Solution

Eve Partners with Bluenest to Supply Vertiport Software Solution

Eve Air Mobility, the Brazil-based eVTOL developer and subsidiary of aerospace company Embraer, has signed a letter of intent with Madrid-based urban air mobility (UAM) infrastructure company Bluenest to supply Eve’s Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) software solution to support vertiport automation systems.

The partnership will see the two companies study the use of the software for UAM operations by developing an operational model in specific regions and missions according to Bluenest’s needs. Bluenest is a subsidiary of transport company Globalvia.

Eve’s UATM software is an agnostic solution aiming to increase the efficiency of vertiports, utilize resources, and ensure and effective air traffic management.

“We firmly believe collaboration is the best way to make the future air mobility a reality,” said Gema Ferrero, Managing Director of Bluenest. “Therefore, through this strategic collaboration, Eve and Bluenest will be able to better manage vertiport urban air mobility operations and related infrastructure, thus bonding sky and ground between the two companies.”

“Collaborating with Bluenest by Globalvia will further increase industry knowledge and perception of Eve as a strong provider of UATM solutions and continue to foster our understanding of vertiport operations,” said Andre Stein, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Eve. “Our software will support the integrated operation of UAM aircraft, optimizing operational performance and safety, as well as preparing for both scale and eventual integration of uncrewed vehicles.”