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Charter a business jet for any mission by the leader in the Asia Market and Beyond.

We understand that choosing a charter broker is an important decision. Choosing the wrong broker could end up jeopardizing your safety, as well as costing you money and wasting your time.

A trustworthy broker works on your behalf to secure the best price available for your chosen flight and will ensure your safety by only recommending operators that adhere to a strict safety code.

Our services:

Charter Brokerage: Choose from a variety of aircraft, under a variety of membership schemes. ASG will assist in choosing the right aircraft under all conditions.

Charter Representation: Optimize potential charter revenue, with ASG representing your management company to source new clients or representing individual clients to solicit charterers.

Charter Marketing: Gain access to a network of long-standing corporate and private relationships and leverage ASG’s extensive knowledge of the region and the market.

Our signature aircraft at a glance:

The ACJ318 Elite, B767 SKYLADY, and B777 CRYSTAL SKYE offer passengers maximum comfort and optimal space on private or business flights.

ACJ318 Elite

Travel the world in maximum comfort and luxury onboard the ACJ318 Elite. Operated by Comlux and offered by ASG, the ACJ318 Elite offers an enhanced, stylish flying experience.

Boeing 767 Skylady

Designed for both business and leisure, SkyLady combines high-end comfort and luxury to deliver a one-of-a-kind travel experience on long range flights.

Boeing 777 Crystal Skye

Crystal Skye is perfect for larger groups as it can accommodate up to 88 passengers. This aircraft features a large lounge area, which allows guests on the aircraft to mix.

Asian sky group is the number 1 choice for your charter broker in Asia for several reasons:

ASG is able to get you the lowest possible deal and best terms and conditions for each of your on-demand charters due to our long-standing relationships with aircraft operators and owners.

We provide a home-to-home service instead of an airport-to-airport service. Your charter only ends when your trip is finished.

Our charter team is managed by Mr. Daniel Tsang, who has over 10 years’ experience in the industry. Having started his aviation career as a flight attendant, Tsang credits his keen sense, and desire to exceed, client expectations to his early years in the cabin, where he handled customer service and came to understand the needs of different types of passengers.

ASG has developed an internal system with the data of more than 5,000 business aircraft. This allows us to work smarter and faster when providing you with charter quotes.

Your safety is our number one priority.

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For more information regarding Asian Sky Group’s charter services, please contact our charter desk:
T: +852 9199 7751

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Thank you!

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