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Charter Flight Routes – Full Year 2019 – Charter Report 2020

Charter Flight Routes – Full Year 2019 – Charter Report 2020

The busiest charter route in Asia Pacific in 2019 was from Hong Kong to Shanghai (HKG-PVG) followed by Hong Kong to Male (HKG-MLE) and Beijing to Hong Kong (PEK-HKG). Charter prices ranged depending on the nautical miles separating the destinations, aircraft model used, availability and demand of the charter, and the airport specific operating costs. Overall, Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) ranks as the most popular charter airport in the region, followed by Beijing Capital Airport (PEK) and Seletar Airport in Singapore (XSP).

Despite nearly half of the Asia-Pacific business jet charter fleet (47%) belonging to the large and long-range size categories, the majority of the charter flights in the region have a flight duration of less than five hours. Among the top 10 popular charter routes in 2019, only two – Singapore to Tokyo (XSP-HND) and Hong Kong to Male (HKG-MLE), had a flight duration of more than five hours – 6 hours 24 minutes and 5hours 53 minutes, respectively.

Charter operators in the region believe that passengers who plan on flying out of the APAC, and have a flight duration of over seven hours, usually opt for flying commercial first class and then utilize local charter services at their destination. Seven of the top 10 busiest charter routes in 2019 were short-haul flights (less than three hours), with an average flight duration of 1 hour 54 minutes.