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Business Jet Fleet Report YE 2023 – Operator Overviews

Business Jet Fleet Report YE 2023 – Operator Overviews

This article is extracted from the most recent edition of The Business Jet Fleet Report.
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At the end of 2023, the top 20 business jet operators in Asia- Pacific had a combined fleet of 344 business jets, accounting for 29.8% of the total fleet in the region. Among the top 20, 95.0% of operators made the list in 2022, while Australian operator Global Jet International was added to the list by adding six aircraft to its fleet. Among the top 20 operators, ten saw a net increase in fleet sizes, whilst eight decreased. Aside from Global Jet International, all other operators had a net increase of fewer than five aircraft.

Sino Jet remained the largest operator in the Asia-Pacific region with 41 business jets, having added three Gulfstream G650/G650ERs to its fleet in 2023 for a net addition of one aircraft. TAG Aviation and Jet Aviation ranked second and third with three and two net additions during the year. The top three operators accounted for 30.5% of the top 20 fleet. Deer Jet and BAA had 30 and 28 business jets in operation respectively at the end of 2023, with two and four net deductions, dropping them out of the top three operators. At the end of 2023, Deer Jet still had the largest share of Corporate Airliners (two ACJ319s, one ACJ320, one BBJ2) in the top 20 operators.

Asian Corporate Aviation Management (ACAM) had a net decrease of one aircraft in 2023, with the one Hawker 900XP leaving its fleet offset by the addition of one Legacy 600 and one G650ER.

Lily Jet’s fleet stayed at 20 aircraft in 2023, maintaining its position as the seventh largest operator. Amber Aviation, which added a G450 and a Global 7500 to its fleet, moved up two places to eighth in the operator rankings.

ExecuJet experienced a net reduction of three aircraft during 2023 (-17.6%). Three Long Range Jets and one Large Jet left its Asia-Pacific fleet, with its ranking dropping from eighth to tenth.


Australia had the second-largest fleet in the region, with five out of the top 20 operators being Australia-based. Air Link and Global Jet International both increased their fleets by two and six jets respectively, and ended 2023 with ten business jets each – enough to replace Australian Corporate Jet Center (ACJC) at first place. Navair Flight Operations (NFO) added two jets to its fleet for a total of nine at the end of 2023. ExecuJet was the only Australia-based operator to make the top ten, with 11 jets in 2023. Three Indian operators made the top 20 list with a total of 28 business jets under their operation. VSR Ventures and Reliance Com. Dealers each had eight aircraft in their fleets. Club One Air had a large share of Large Jets, with five of its 11 aircraft being Dassault Falcon 2000s.

Phenix Jet was the largest operator in Japan, with 15 of its business jets – 80.0% of its total fleet – being based in the country. There was a net deduction of one BBJ 737 during 2022. Jet Aviation also had a base
in Japan, with some 9.7% of its fleet based there. Singapore was home to four of the top 20 operators’ fleets. ACAM was the largest operator in the country, with 16 of its 22 aircraft based there. Jet Aviation had the largest Singapore-based fleet among the top five operators with 12 of its 31 business jets based there. TAG Aviation increased its Singapore fleet to three aircraft, Seletar Jet also had a net addition of one aircraft and ended 2023 with seven jets in operation.

Two of the top 20 operators had a base in Indonesia. Premiair maintained its fleet size at eight with the deduction of two Legacy 650s and addition of one Phenom 300 and one Citation 525. ACAM reduced its Indonesian fleet by two and was surpassed by Travya as the second-largest operator in Indonesia.

The largest operator in the Philippines was Asian Aerospace, which has kept its fleet size unchanged for two years with six business jets. Challenger Aero Air, ranked second in the country, operated five aircraft, including two Long Range Jets, two Medium Jets and one Large Jet.

TAG Aviation and ExecuJet were the only top 20 operators that had a base in Malaysia, each with three business jets operating in the country at the end of 2023. Smooth Route was the top operator in Malaysia with four aircraft in its fleet.

Korean Air was the dominant operator in South Korea, keeping its fleet of six aircraft (two BBJs, two Citation 525s, one G650ER, and one Global Express XRS).

Among the top ten operators, ACAM had the oldest fleet with an average age of 11.5 years whilst Phenix Jet had the youngest fleet at 4.9 years. ACAM had the largest proportion of aircraft over 20 years old and Phenix Jet had the largest share of aircraft less than five years old. Seventy three percent of the fleet with the top ten operators was under ten years old, making the average age aircraft with the top ten operators younger than the regional average.

This article is extracted from the most recent edition of The Business Jet Fleet Report.
To read or download the full report, please click here.


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