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Building a New Lifestyle Concept – King Leader Club

Building a New Lifestyle Concept – King Leader Club

King Leader Club, a wholly owned subsidiary of Business Aviation Asia (BAA) established in 2019, offers a unique set of services to clients seeking exclusive and luxurious travel packages. Through its network of high-end members only-type clubs, and boutique travel agents, King Leader Club creates memorable travel and lifestyle experiences for its clients through private jet charter and customized trips. In an interview with Asian Sky Group, King Leader Club discussed private jet travel during COVID-19 and how the pandemic has and will continue to change the way private jet passengers travel.

How has Covid-19 changed the way your clients are traveling?

During the early stages of COVID-19, our clients encountered many travel restrictions. Cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen all saw a significant decrease in flight volume. Because of the virus many of our clients saw public transportation as a hazard, as they were more aware of sanitation, health and safety. This is one of the advantages of a private jet. We’ve been able to ensure high levels of sanitation, in addition to keeping our passengers safe and secure on each flight. These measures will, undoubtedly, inject new vitality into the charter market.

How has King Leader Club continued to support its members throughout this period?

After the outbreak of COVID-19, King Leader Club launched an emergency response mechanism, including a 14-day trip tracking table, front-line staff, nucleic acid testing used to detect COVID-19 and pre- & post-flight cabin disinfection. Our main goal throughout this time has been to offer reassurance that we are taking all precautions necessary to ensure a safe and smooth flight during this unique period.

At the same time, King Leader Club actively responds to and cooperates with customs and quarantine authorities to complete all kinds of inspection work during the period. During this period, our flight crew and first-line ground support personnel strictly implement all quarantine policies so that every charter passenger can still travel at ease considering all the restrictions implemented.

Since its establishment, King Leader Club has always adhered to the principle of “Customer First”.

How do you ensure expectations are met & exceeded during each flight?

Since its establishment, King Leader Club has always adhered to the principle of “customer first” in terms of flight punctuality and customer experience. Our aim is that with every flight our members will have the ultimate luxury experience. This is mainly attributed to our strong operational support, particularly with the advantage of King Leader Club’s guarantee of flights. Through this guarantee, we’re able to have a deep understanding of each customer’s travel habits and, thus, better provide personalized, thoughtful and considerate services for customers.

What are your expectations for the charter market as travel restrictions begin to loosen?

After months of air travel restrictions, the market is slowly opening, giving the transport industry a positive boost. In my opinion, this is a signal worthy of hope. With the gradual development of policies, the charter business in the next six months will show a trend of gradual recovery. With the change of consumption and travel during this period, I believe that some new charter customers will experience business jet travel with a more positive attitude.

What is the process of booking a trip through King Leader Club?

You can go to the official WeChat account of King Leader Club, or dial 4000-528-666, or download the KING LEADER APP for charter flight consultation or customized airline service. In addition, you can follow our official WeChat, TikTok and Weibo accounts for special charter flight information and more info on the club’s offerings.


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