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Bombardier Responds to Ukrainian Crisis

Bombardier Responds to Ukrainian Crisis

In response to the Ukraine crisis, Bombardier has suspended all activities with Russian clients, including all forms of technical assistance. In addition, the company will continue to adhere to international laws, regulations, and sanctions, as they evolve.

Bombardier expressed to be deeply saddened by the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and Europe. “As a company with deep roots in communities around the world, we are first and foremost concerned with the loss of human life and the toll this conflict is taking on families. We would like to reiterate our condolences to everyone who has suffered loss over the past days. We will do our part, in any way possible, to help the governments around the world pursue an end to this horrific conflict.”

Other than suspending activities, Bombardier and the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation have jointly pledged $150,000 to the Canadian Red Cross. Moreover, the Canadian manufacturer has encouraged all team members to donate to worthy humanitarian causes supporting victims of this conflict around the world.

Bombardier sees itself as a people-centric company, built around upholding collective morals and values, and will continue to seek opportunities to further address the humanitarian crisis as well as promote peace.

According to Asian Sky Media’s Business Jet Report in 2020, Bombardier remains the most popular OEM in the Asia-Pacific region.