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Boeing Announces Four BBJ Orders

Boeing Announces Four BBJ Orders

Boeing has announced orders for up to four Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), including two BBJ 787-8s, one BBJ 737-7, and an option to purchase a BBJ 777-9.

All orders were placed by undisclosed VIP customers. Typically, widebody BBJs are purchased by governments, which use the aircraft to transport heads of state.

“With the right combination of comfort, performance and best-in-class operating economics, the BBJ family offers VIP customers all the features they are looking for in a business jet,” said Joe Benson, President, BBJ. “Designed on the platforms of Boeing’s best-selling commercial airframes, customers recognize the value in operating the most reliable and capable jets in the world.”

Bizliners – commercial airframes that are converted for private use, such as BBJs – typically compete with ultra-long-range business jets given their range capability and maximum passenger capacity.

The BBJ 737-7, based on the Boeing 737-7 MAX commercial airframe, is able to fly 6,600 nm (12,200 km) non-stop, allowing it to fly directly between city pairs such as Geneva and Singapore, or Hong Kong and Denver.

Boeing has sold over 260 BBJs since the division was founded in 1996.

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