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Blade Acquires Three UAM Companies

Blade Acquires Three UAM Companies

Blade Air Mobility has acquired three urban air mobility (UAM) operators in Europe. These include Monacair SAM, Héli Sécurité, and another helicopter operator based in the south of France.

The total cash value of the transaction is valued at €48 million (US$50m)

Damien Mazudier, Monacair’s CEO, as well as Sabrina Barbera, Blade Europe’s Executive Director, and Anne-Pascale Guedon, Blade Europe’s Executive Vice President of Business Development, will oversee the transaction.

Blade will also launch branded passenger terminals at more than ten airports and vertiports. They are based in France, Monaco, and Switzerland.

“These three acquisitions are core to our strategy of leveraging our asset-light model to aggregate the premier use cases for urban air mobility. As a result, Blade has now amassed what we believe to be the most valuable routes in the world,” says Rob Wiesenthal, Chief Executive Officer of Blade. He continues, “Adding this formidable presence in Europe to our existing operations across the greater New York area, Vancouver and India, is a critical step in our expansion.”

This acquisition will further diversify Blade Europe’s business.

The transaction is expected to close by the Summer of 2022.

Blade’s recently launched European division is based in Paris, France.