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Asian Sky Media is Now Asian Sky Group

Asian Sky Media is Now Asian Sky Group

“This is just the start” are words that can sound ominous if spoken by the wrong person, but when they are spoken by Wu Zhendong, you understand there is something else going on in the background.

Mr. Wu is speaking about Asian Sky Media’s decision to add additional areas of coverage and change its name to Asian Sky Group.

Well known for its award-winning market intelligence and marketing solutions in its native Asia, Asian Sky Group will see the company branch out to cover the rest of the world as well.

To go along with the new focus, Asian Sky Group’s newly launched website features daily news that covers business aviation, general aviation, advanced air mobility, and civil helicopters. To do this, the team has hired several new journalists, and has begun working with freelance writers as well.

News plays a major focus not only for the company but also on the new website as well. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new website categorizes content in a way that allows users to first choose a topic, and then flow seamlessly through its latest news, features, market intelligence, and podcasts.

Expanding outside of your traditional coverage area is never an easy decision, but Asian Sky Group’s owner and Director Jeffrey C. Lowe, says that the decision was almost made for the company. “I can certainly remember numerous occasions where people would ask, ‘when are you going to do this in this region?’” Says Lowe. “As you know, most of the OEMs and the service providers are global, and we know that our reports [aren’t just read by people in the region, they also …] do make it back to head office, and people see it and go ‘wouldn’t it be great if we had this for this region.’”

That sentiment is echoed by the company’s Managing Director Tan Rahman, who says that it became very clear that there was a desire from the reader base to expand the company’s coverage.

“It’s not just us, it’s our entire reader base that wants us to keep that not just in Asia, but around the world.”

Although the name change hints at the company’s expanded coverage, it also gives a very big clue as to the company’s future direction. Mr. Wu says that it has always been his dream to take the company global, and that it was often a topic of discussion between himself and the company’s special adviser Charles Fabrikant.

Now that the name change has been made and the new website set live, Lowe says that the company will be looking to grow and expand, both organically, but also through acquisitions, providing that any potential acquisition makes sense.

“The other thing about growing the business is that we will look to do that as much as we can organically, but likewise we are not only looking at growing by buying, [but also looking at] partners and joint ventures.” Says Lowe.

“To be really global you have to have a connection or partnership with people in Europe, and also the US.”

Just because the company is going global, does not mean that it is turning its back on Asia. Far from it in fact, with Lowe explaining that it won’t be neglected. “That core is still there, and we are building from that,” says Lowe.

Adding further, Rahman says that one of the first things he had heard from the company’s clients when he first joined the company was that its reports were seen as the ‘Bible of Asia’. “All we are doing is making sure that the bible stays in place and creating bibles for other parts of the world,” says Rahman. “So, it’s not a case of abandoning Asia, we will still be, because our home is here, the most significant provider of business aviation knowledge in Asia, we just want to replicate that in other parts of the world.”