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Asia’s BizAv Growth Remains Robust Amid Global Slump

Asia’s BizAv Growth Remains Robust Amid Global Slump

Asia has seen robust business jet activity growth amid a global slowdown in December, with the 2022 Qatar World Cup driving demand in the Middle East, according to the latest WINGX market overview.

Asia saw flight numbers growing by 28% in December compared to 2021, with a 20% increase in the Middle East regardless of the downward trend in Europe, North America, and South America.

Business jet demand in Qatar has been surging since the FIFA Men’s World Cup kicked off. Major World Cup airports Hamad International Airport, Doha International Airport, and Al Khor Airport have seen a 291% surge in average daily arrivals during the opening 22 days of the tournament, according to the WINGX bulletin report.

Globally, fixed-wing flights in business aviation are trending 1.8% below for the first 12 days of December compared with 2021. WINGX also noted a decline in charter activity, saying that first-time customers, who have recently contributed to a growing number of charter enquires, may be exiting the market.

North America saw a decline in business flights and flight hours this month, down 3% compared to 2021. Florida was the busiest state with over 11,000 flights in December. While in Europe, demand for private jets tumbled by 8% over the same period in December from last year, with Portugal, France, and Spain among those that had a decrease of more than 10 percent.

While the slowdown in Europe is being noticed, leisure activities such as skiing have spurred demand at ski resort airports in Switzerland, Austria and southern France, with notable business jets arrivals seen in Innsbruck, Sion and Samedan.