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An Interview with the Bermuda Aircraft Registry

An Interview with the Bermuda Aircraft Registry
Jason Zhang
Jason Zhang
Operations Manager and Designated Airworthiness Inspector Bermuda Aircraft Registry

Bermuda is a United Kingdom Overseas Territory conveniently located in the Atlantic Ocean between the UK and the US and is home to the oldest and largest offshore Aircraft Registry, which consists of over 850 commercial and private aircraft.

Jason Zhang is a Shanghai-based Airworthiness Inspector for the Bermuda Aircraft Registry. He is a licensed and type rated engineer with over 14 years of commercial and business aviation experience in the Asia market. Jason offers both technical and regulatory support for applicants to the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.

What are the main factors an owner/ operator should consider when choosing an aircraft registry?

There are many choices when selecting an aircraft registry, and many factors to consider. Of course, most registries will offer a similar standard across the board, but there are a few variables to consider.

AOC operational flexibility is important for chartered commercial aircraft, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

For both private and commercial other factors to consider are cost benefits (tax and fees) and maintenance requirements. The Bermuda Aircraft Registry is an attractive option because it has recently reduced and simplified its fee schedule for private operations and is eligible for tax benefits.

Aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry require inspections every other year, as opposed to every year, which helps to further reduce the cost.

Why would one decide on going with an offshore registry?

Other than cost, offshore registration has a number of other benefits to consider. Most offshore registries have similar offerings with some variables, but here I refer directly to the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.

  • Tax advantages – Bermuda has zero income, corporate, withholding or capital gains taxes..
  • Political neutrality – Bermuda is a politically neutral country, a self-governed United Kingdom overseas territory. This may be important to operators for political, corporate or security reasons. In addition to this, Bermuda has economic stability.
  • Asset protection – The Bermuda Registry also offers asset protection through both the Cape Town Convention and our Aircraft Engine and Mortgage Registers.
  • Customer service – Bermuda is the largest offshore registry, but still much smaller and more personable than many onshore ones. Our focus is to put the customer experience first.
  • Confidentiality – Client information is kept safe in accordance with international standards.

What impact does an aircraft registry have on the aircraft value?

Where you register your aircraft can have an effect on the value of your aircraft and how quickly you are able to sell it.

Bermuda has an excellent reputation globally for safety, sound regulations and a team of highly experienced staff. These qualities in an aircraft registry provide a comfort factor for a potential buyer.

What are the benefits of registering an aircraft with Bermuda?

In addition to customer experience and cost benefits, the Bermuda Aircraft Registry has built a team of knowledgeable and highly experienced staff in Airworthiness, Operations and Regulation. Bermuda has a reputation for high standards of regulation, and its aircraft registry is no different. We have a solid international reputation for offering high regulatory standards and excellent service levels. This includes an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) based safety oversight system, which BCAA was audited against last year with extremely positive results.

Another benefit for aircraft owners and lessors is the flexibility of our requirements, such as Type Certificate acceptance. We accept ANAC (Brazil), EASA, FAA and Transport Canada certificates. This helps to minimize the cost of registering an aircraft. Bermuda is also a low-tax jurisdiction with a consumption-based tax regime. Owners registering an aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry may be in a position to take advantage of favourable tax treatment in their principal place of business.

What value does Bermuda bring to owners and operators in mainland China?

The most advantageous benefit for an Operator based in mainland China, or anywhere in Asia, is having an Inspector based in Shanghai. I am ready and available to make the process more convenient for our clients. The benefit of having someone on the ground saves valuable time and money.

The most advantageous benefit for an operator based in mainland China, or anywhere in Asia, is having an inspector based in Shanghai.

How do you serve clients in this region?

The Bermuda Aircraft Registry serves all of their clients the same around the world, with a personable service. We understand the customer’s needs and we work to make sure they are happy with their experience. We have a team of over 25 highly qualified inspectors, placed strategically around the world. I am native to China, can speak the local dialect and in the right time-zone to service clients in this region.

I think what makes us unique is our first-class customer service. We offer an unparalleled, seamless, client-focused service.

How have the effects of Covid-19 affected the Bermuda Aircraft Registry?

Our focus has been to ensure that we can still service clients in a timely manner. We implemented a digital signature format to assist with the turnaround of Certificate renewals and approvals in these circumstances.

We are continuing to work with operators and leasing companies to maintain aircraft in an airworthy state. This is important, particularly at a time like this when many aircraft are parked or only minimally used and operators may be restructuring their fleets.

We recognize that the Coronavirus has had a huge impact on our industry, and we are doing everything we can to assist operators so that they can remain in business.

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