2017 King Air 350ER SN FL-1118

  • Manufacturing Year: 2017
  • Serial Number: FL-1118
  • Total Hours: 73 Since New
  • Total Cycles: 57 Since New
Aircraft Highlights
  • Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion
  • MADRAS 88 Parameters FDR
  • Gogo Aviator 200 Swift Broadband Satellite Service for Wi-Fi
  • Forward Oversized Camera Hole Modification (STC: SA2429CE)
  • Cloud Seeding Modification (STC: SA03025CH)
  • AvFab Cabin Stretcher (STC: SA2671CE)
  • Engines Model: Pratt & Whitney (Canada) PT6A-60A
  • Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion with three 14.1 EFIS adaptive flight displays
  • MADRAS 88 Parameters Flight Data Recorder (MDFDR)
  • HF-9000 High Frequency Radio with SELCAL
  • Solid-State Cockpit Voice Recorder L3 Communications FA2100
  • ELT Artex C406-N
  • Magnetic Compass
Equipment & Options
  • Gogo Aviator 200 Swift Broadband Satellite Service for Wi-Fi
  • Aft Forward Facing Electric Flushing Chemical Toilet
  • Forward Partition Only
  • L-Shape Curtain / L-Shape Web
  • 4 Cabin Chairs (Loose Equipment)
  • Export C of A w/Bi-lingual Placards
  • Fire Resistant Data Plate
  • ELA Report
  • One AvFab Stretcher
Forward Oversized Camera Hole Modification:
  • Forward Oversize Camera Well including Electrically Operated FOD Doors and Camera Glass Defogger
  • BK-7 or Equivalent Uncoated Optical Glass
  • Two ICS Cabin Audio Panel in Cabin Sidewall w/headset and Hanger
  • 220v 50Hz AC Power Inverter, routed to cabin wall, near camera hole with Universal Outlet
  • 28V Cigar Lighter Output in Cockpit
  • 28V DC Outlet, routed to cabin wall, near camera hole, with two aviation connector (with clip lock)
  • I/O Panel (Power, Data & GPS) Lower RH Sidewall Next to Camera Well (including the 220V outlet connector and 28v outlet connectors), with power switch for both 28V and 220V (with protection cover)
  • Seat Rail Secured Mounting Plate
  • GPS Antenna provisions
  • Beidou Antenna Provisions, cable routed to the I/O panel
  • Structural Plug for Camera Well
  • Bi-lingual Placards for Camera Equipment


Cloud Seeding Modification:
  • Wing Racks of BIP Flares
  • Belly Rack of Ejectable Flares
  • Flare Controller
  • Temperature and Liquid Water Sensors
  • UHF Communication Antenna
  • Datalogger with Telemetry
  • Ground Station Receiver with Airlink Software
  • Engineering and Installation
  • FAA Supplemental Type Certificate and CAAC Validation
  • Bilingual Placards for WMI Additions