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Air Taxis at 2024 Olympics to Cost 110 Euros

Air Taxis at 2024 Olympics to Cost 110 Euros

Augustin de Romanet, chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP, said tickets for eVTOL air taxis during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris could cost 110 Euros (USD$119). 

According to local media in France, Romanet added that air taxis would be trialed on a small scale during the star-studded sporting event as only a few thousand tickets will be sold. 

Once the technology and market mature, De Romanet expects eVTOLs to become an adopted mode of transportation worldwide in the next five to seven years. 

“These are small helicopters that will be tested on experimental lines,” he said. “These are devices that will explode in the world from the years 2028 to 2030. For the Olympics, it will be experimental. We will sell a few thousand tickets at very reasonable prices. It could be around 110 euros.”

Groupe ADP has plans to build five vertiports for the Olympics, which will be used for the air taxis to take off and land. The first vertiport in Cergy-Pontoise opened in November 2022 and is currently used for training. 

In April, Volocopter, the manufacturer of the VoloCity eVTOL, told Asian Sky Group that it was keeping a close eye on the Olympics. Despite not being affiliated with the sporting extravaganza in any capacity, the Bruchsal-based firm aims to be operating commercially by the time it gets underway. 

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