New Managing Directors for Asian Sky Group (ASG) & Asian Sky Media

February 14, 2022 6:38 am


Alud Davies

HONG KONG, February 14, 2022. Asian Sky Group (ASG) is pleased to announce the
appointment of two new Managing Directors. Nadav Kessler who has worked for ASG for
10 years, will assume the leadership of Asian Sky Group, with responsibility for its
transactional business, market research, consulting, and charter services. Newcomer Tan
Rahman will assume the leadership of Asian Sky Media, the group’s award winning
aviation intel, marketing and events company, with responsibility for all its services
including publications, media platforms, conferences & trade shows, both in-person and

Tan has honed his digital business and marketing background with 20 years of experience in regional and international leadership roles in telecommunications, consumer electronics, technology, FMCG, financial services, travel, and government. He has previously worked as Chief Marketing Officer in Xcalibyte, a B2B tech start-up in China, and as Global Head of Digital & Media with Huawei Technologies. Originally from the UK, Tan has worked and lived in Hong Kong and Mainland China for most of his career and sees Hong Kong as his

Nadav, a familiar face to all associated with Asian Sky Group, joined the company shortly after its foundation in 2012. Since then he has increasingly taken on more managerial roles, while retaining his main responsibility for developing and growing the company’s aircraft transaction and consultancy business units. These include his initiation and supervision of aviation transactions, business aviation advisory, and consultancy projects for a vast range of business jet and rotary operations and for a diverse range of corporations, financial institutions, private owners, and government entities throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Wu Zhendong, Chairman of ASG, remarked: “Nadav has been a bedrock for our business over the past decade. He’s been a great leader and has performed well despite challenging conditions over the past 2 years, deftly managing his team at the same time, so I know ASG is in the best possible hands. We are equally as excited to welcome Tan who will drive Asian Sky Media to new heights in Asia and on the global stage. Considering his numerous years of experience and diverse background in digital media, we look forward to the coming years.”

Wu adds, “In 2020 I said ASG came through with one of its best years. I’m extremely pleased to report now that 2021 was a record year, with all our business units contributing positively to the bottom line. Our income nearly tripled as a result of increased revenues and, in particular, due to us further adapting our mode of operations to the challenging times we are all continuing to experience. This sets us up perfectly for continued success in 2022 and gives our incoming Managing Directors firm ground for future executions. The Board and I look forward to working with them both.”

Nadav commented, “Asian Sky Group has gone through an impressive transformation over the years and I’m very proud of being a meaningful part of that process. ‘Never a dull moment’ and the past two year have been no less than profound for the company and our business. We are now strongly poised for continued growth and new achievements.”

Tan commented, “I am very excited to be joining the great Asian Sky Media team and in particular working with its Media & Communications Director, Alud Davies and Joey Wong, its Media Sales Director. I believe Asian Sky Media’s success and brand reputation proves its value to the business aviation community. I look forward to helping the business evolve as the aviation environment changes and new media technologies emerge.”

ASIAN SKY GROUP (ASG), established in 2011, is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices
throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It provides a wide-range of business and general aviation
services, including sales and purchases of fixed wing and rotary aircraft, aircraft inspections, charter
services, and market research & consulting.
ASG is owned by Avion Pacific Limited, one of the very first mainland China-based general aviation
service providers with almost 30 years of experience. With its subsidiary Kings Aviation, Avion
Pacific has six sales offices across China.

ASIAN SKY MEDIA (ASM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASG that assists clients with brand
development and positioning in the region, as well as evaluating strategic options for growth. ASM
publishes a dozen industry-leading reports on the business jet, helicopter, and charter fleets in
Asia-Pacific, as well as reports on the emerging UAM/AAM industry, general aviation, infrastructure,
and training schools across the region. Asian Sky Media has been recognized by AsBAA as the
Best Media Company in Asia-Pacific 4 years in a row and is the leading brand provider for the
general and business aviation industry in the region.

Alud Davies, +852 9254 7244



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Thank you!

Habitant magna amet volutpat blandit nunc. Feugiat aenean feugiat leo sit. Mus varius quis mi, laoreet mollis blandit vel.