ASIAN SKY GROUP will manage the process of acquiring an aircraft on your behalf. ASG will research, compare, recommend and locate the most suitable aircraft available, and assist in every detail throughout the purchasing process of such aircraft and in the negotiation of any contractual matter. ASG will provide exterior and interior specifications, market availability and trends, recent transactions, and other pertinent information to help identify the most suitable aircraft in the market.


ASIAN SKY GROUP will assist in soliciting, evaluating, selecting and securing financing for the purchase of an aircraft, and also in evaluating and proposing some asset structuring solutions for such aircraft. ASG will conduct industry-wide research for financing offers, then review and assist in the negotiation of any resulting financing or operating lease agreements.


ASIAN SKY GROUP will assist in choosing an aviation authority under which to operate your aircraft (registration), and will evaluate and recommend operators for managing such aircraft. ASG will manage a fair bidding process by requesting suitable aircraft management offers, evaluating proposals, and making professional and educated recommendations regarding the best operators to choose. ASG will help in negotiating the terms of any aircraft management agreement directly with any selected operator.


ASIAN SKY GROUP will conduct aircraft pre-purchase inspections and market value appraisals by coordinating the scheduling of such work and professionally reviewing opinions regarding such inspections or fair market value assessments.


ASIAN SKY GROUP will help market your existing aircraft and seek and obtain an acceptable sale for it. ASG will conduct a worldwide marketing effort, prepare literature and brochures, including photographs and technical specifications for distribution to identified qualified prospects. ASG will also help negotiate the terms of any sale agreement directly with prospective purchasers on your behalf.

Throughout this process, ASIAN SKY GROUP will also provide professional TRANSACTIONAL ADVISORY services regarding any aircraft sales contractual matter.