ASIAN SKY GROUP is a pan-Asian business aviation consulting firm which offers a complete range of business aviation solutions tailored to the fast-growing private aviation markets of Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region. ASIAN SKY GROUP leverages the considerable investments, business development initiatives and networks of SEACOR Capital (Asia) Ltd. and Avion Pacific Ltd. With its regional team of experts and that of its strategic partners, ASIAN SKY GROUP delivers independent aviation solutions derived from the latest in-depth industry knowledge and spanning the group’s expansive geographic coverage.

SEACOR CAPITAL (ASIA) LIMITED is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEACOR HOLDINGS INC. (SEACOR) (NYSE: CKH), a New York Stock Exchange-listed company with several aviation related subsidiaries and affiliates in addition to various aviation equipment leasing, training and real estate development initiatives.

AVION PACIFIC LIMITED, a leader in general aviation services for over 20 years, has offices and operating bases located throughout mainland China, including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Penglai and Zhuhai. The Company’s services include fixed and rotary aircraft sales and distribution, special project consulting and support, aircraft charter services, spare parts distribution, aircraft leasing and financing, and advanced rotary operation, crew training and support. Through its Kings Aviation affiliate, Avion Pacific also offers rotary and small fixed-wing aircraft management, pilot training and maintenance support, and through its Shenzhen Hua Rui Aviation Services affiliate, offers Chinese import & export services for aircraft & equipment.