ASIAN SKY GROUP is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices throughout Asia.  It has assembled the most experienced business aviation team in the Asia-Pacific region to provide a wide-range of independent services for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. ASG also provides access to a significant client base around the world, providing its clients with the following aviation services:

The acclaimed Asian Sky Fleet Reports are produced by ASG’s market research and consulting team, in collaboration with Asian Sky Media — a brand of ASG focusing on media, publications and aviation marketing services.
Asian Sky Media has a growing portfolio of business aviation reports designed to provide valuable information to readers for a better understanding of the market. Included in this portfolio are the Asia Pacific Fleet Reports for both civil helicopters and business jets, produced annually. Asian Sky Quarterly provides a reader-friendly look at market dynamics within the pre-owned business jet and civil helicopter markets. Additionally, ASG produces the Asia Pacific Business Jet Charter Report; Asia Pacific Training Report; Asia Pacific Infrastructure Report; and the China GA Report — focusing on the current status, challenges and future of these respective industry segments.
Through its marketing services, Asian Sky Media is now offering aviation companies online and offline opportunities to enhance brand awareness throughout the Asia-Pacific region and connect with target audiences.